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Niagara Falls

There’s a stunning new way to view Niagara Falls, Ontario **NEW**JUST ADDED

October 17, 2023 all day
The grandeur of Niagara Falls keeps tourists seeking new and better views of this natural wonder.  The newest view in town may also be the most fascinating. It is found at a decommissioned hydropower station that for 100 years generated electricity for several Canadian cities. We will have a guided tour, starting with a 180-foot descent underground in a glass-enclosed elevator. As the car glides downward, you can see level after level of infrastructure and equipment go by. Once at the bottom, you’ll start your walk through the 2,200 foot tunnel with upgrades like a smooth concrete floor, good lighting and interesting exhibits along the way. Now you can walk through the tunnel that once carried water from the plant back into the Niagara River, bringing you to a viewing platform only 100 yards from the bottom of Horseshoe Falls. That puts you within mist range – no worries, rain ponchos are provided.
Includes: lunch overlooking the falls at “Table Rock House Restaurant”, guided tour of the hydropower station & driving tour of the Falls via Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Tour departs: Barrie, Bayfield Mall behind Canadian Tire Store at 8:30a.m. & Tour Office at 9:00a.m.
Cost: $156.00 (includes HST)