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A Message to Our Hamilton Tours Ltd. Customers & Business Colleagues
June 17, 2020

Hello Everyone,

It has been 3 long months of self-isolation, masks, social distancing and hand washing like we have never seen it before, as we all play our part in curtailing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Outside the health sector, Canada’s tourism and travel industry is the most severely impacted sector in Canada by this global pandemic.

We have looked for signs of normal in our day to day routines. It’s the small things that sometimes make us smile, for example the trees leafing out, hummingbirds at the feeder, lawn mowers cutting grass and beautiful long sunny evenings.  Here at the office, we have planted the window boxes and containers. (a few customers expressed sadness that when they drove by we looked empty)  The Husky Gas Station, now known as Esso Service Centre has after 5 months just raised a huge, new Canadian Flag and it made us smile …. as it has been a Bradford Landmark for years.

It was welcome news this past week when regionally our Province began to slowly reopen. When was the last time you wanted to hug your hair dresser or barber? How many of you called your salon and booked perhaps even begged for an appointment on the news of their impending opening?

We were allowed to expand our social/family circle to a group of 10. We hope many of you enjoyed seeing family members, grandchildren and friends for the first time all spring.  Despite the cooler than normal temperatures over the weekend, local patios were busy and spirits were uplifted as daily we watch the new case numbers decline … we need this positive news!  But as we are reminded by the Public Health Authorities and Premier Ford it is not the time to let our guard down.  Let us hope that the regions of Toronto, Windsor/Essex and Peel will soon be allowed to move into Stage 2.  We feel for our business colleagues in each of these sectors and look forward to returning to their restaurants, museums, theatres and other venues.

Our office will continue to be closed in keeping with the Ontario Provincial Regulations as we are not an essential service. We come into the office 3 days each week and return voice mails, call to cancel upcoming trips and write refund cheques.  It seems like our lives are stuck on Pause!!

We are hopeful that if the reopening goes well that we may be able to start travelling again in September.  Face masks will be required for travelling on the coach. But there are too many unanswered questions at this time concerning group travel to speculate as to where and when, etc.  But we will adapt and continue to enrich our lives with travel experiences.

We plan to get in touch by way of email, Facebook, phone calls and a small updated newsletter that will be mailed to our customers once we get the green light for travel.

Sat., June 20thmarks the longest day of the year – Summer Solstice. And Father’s Day is Sun., June 21st, we wish to extend our warmest wishes to all those special men in our lives.

With regards to the #blacklivesmatter movement – let us listen with open minds and hear with our hearts to bring about a new understanding.  Let’s be part of a new conversation, searching for solutions.

We are grateful to our loyal customers for your patience and understanding through this unprecedented situation. Although our travels are on hold for the time being, we look forward to seeing you this fall.

It has been said many times in the news and on social media that  “we are all in the same boat during this pandemic.”  We don’t agree … our take on this saying is “We may not be in the same boat, but we are all weathering the same storm.”

Be safe. See you soon.

Susanne Hamilton & Julie Blythe
Owners, Hamilton Tours Ltd.