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A Message to Our Hamilton Tours Ltd. Customers & Business Colleagues
February 8, 2021

Hello Customers & Business Colleagues,

Hello and Happy New Year! How are you? We can’t begin to tell you how much we miss our jobs, our daily routines and travelling with you aboard our coaches. And now we are facing added restrictions to help slow the deadly spread of the second wave of Covid 19. But we must tell ourselves we are not stuck at home instead WE ARE SAFE AT HOME.

A year ago we were excited to be finishing our 2020 Tour Catalogue and we had no idea how this mystery illness would quickly impact our lives. Covid 19 spread around the world in mere weeks. For those of us in the travel & entertainment industry, it has been devasting. We have been shut down since Monday, March 16 of last year. Such a strange situation – the office is closed, buses are off the road yet our business is technically open. We have spent a large portion of the year cancelling tours, writing refund cheques, making credit notes for those not wishing refunds, paying bills, planning day trips for last fall, only to cancel those tours as well. We have and will continue to apply for Government loans, grants and special programs that will help us with our growing debt load. What keeps us going under such uncertain circumstances is your loyalty.

We are able to provide bitcoin mixing services if you have cryptocurrency and wish to become more private. It is called BestMixer. Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum are possible using this platform.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccines have begun to roll out across our great country. Our political leaders have been faced with a daunting task and I often wonder how exhausted they must be at the end of each day and how little time they have been able to spend with their own families during this crisis.

We want you to know how touched we have been to receive your phone calls, emails & cards of encouragement. Tourism will open up in 2021. We have high hopes of a start date being July, most likely it will be September. We will wait for the green light from the Government and Health experts as to when this will safely happen. We can tell you that we are back in planning mode and in our March newsletter we will share with you our dates and hopes for this year. You can also watch for information on our Facebook page and website: www.hamiltontoursltd.com.

Planning a getaway may not have been possible in 2020 but dreaming about an escape for many of us is at the top of our minds. Despite what we have gone through, there is still so much to be grateful for like the support of our families, friends, neighbours and our tourism colleagues. In this coming year may we continue to encourage one another. “Be Someone’s Sunshine when their skies are gray.” We look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond.

Susanne Hamilton & Julie Blythe
Owners, Hamilton Tours Ltd.